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About Guam 

The Mariana islands have been inhabited for thousands of years, and the Chamorro people are one of the oldest Pacific Island cultures. Over the past 400 years the island was ruled by Spain, Japan and America. Ferdinand Magellan a Portuguese explorer arrived in Guam in 1521 and this is the first known contact between the Chamorro and the Europeans. Guam is now a United States territory, home to one of America's largest military bases in the South Pacific; "over the next six years, nearly 25,000 US Marines, soldiers, family members, and civilian Defense Department employees are to descend on the tiny Pacific island of Guam, transforming the sleepy tropical outpost into a hub of America's military in the Pacific." 

Lodging  Conditions - Free - Shared

Do NOT bring male customers or boyfriends to the apartment suite.

Never do drugs or bring drugs into dancer housing.


Do NOT  keep valuables in the apartments.


No pets. Sorry. We love pets but they shouldn't sit in here all night (alone) while you work.  


NO FIGHTING with other dancers or you will be asked to leave.


It is for the safety of all occupants that you abide by these few simple rules. Thank you.

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