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exotic  SHOWGIRLS  wanted


  • WORK INFO:  You work 6 or 7 nights week  7:30 pm – 2:00 am, dancers are expected to be at work at 7 pm.


  • You will receive shift pay of $500.00 USD for every 6 nights of completed shifts.


  • We do not charge any house fees however the club takes 50% of all drink and private dances sales.


  • You will receive $25usd per nude private dance 


  •  The Bouncers are here for your security and to make sure no one steals your tips from the stage. They will collect your tips off the stage after your show. Dancers are expected to tip them $3 – $5 depending how much you made

247stripclub club foxy money stage.png

OUTFITS: Sexy lingerie, Bikini’s, club dresses, fantasy costumes and of course your best stripper heels! There's a lot of shops in Tumon and Tamuning where you can buy sexy dancer shoes; and bright colorful dresses; & beachy sexy costumes etc. Also lots of hair, eyelash & nail salons nearby.


Mommas are the hostesses of the club. They help you to make money by finding you customers to sit with. They serve your drinks and help to get you private dances. The Momma who has helped you for the night receives $10.00 – $20.00 from dancers usually, but it depends how well you did. Obviously if you haven’t had any dances you do not need to tip but if they helped a lot you may want to tip them more.

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